COVID-19 Update from my Nursery

Dear Friends, 

As every business, virtual or otherwise, issues their COVID-19 statement/course of action, I figured I'd take an opportunity to follow suit:

COVID-19 is unprecedented and my heart goes out to each one of you! Please practice social distancing, follow your countries protocol to protect yourself and those you love, and take care. I'd love to hear from you all as to how you're coping with this pandemic.

Re: my nursery. As a work from home business, I've always practiced social distancing. As of 3.10.20 I haven't left the house besides to do 1 shipment of my recent babies. Canada isn't yet in the throes quite the way a lot of other countries are currently, but we're taking the same preemptive steps. Schools here have closed. Businesses are working from home, or also closed. As a business, I'm following the WHO's recommendation for hygiene and social distancing and I'm transitioning to a virtual shipping method for my packages as well.

My nursery will remain open and continue all existing custom orders as well as offer a few ready made babies as well. Painting is my refuge, my therapy, and being able to focus on my art helps me to combat the anxiety of these uncertain times. It's my plan to press on as normally as possible. Just as this art is my therapy, I know that reborn babies bring great comfort and anxiety relief to so many of you. You can rest assured that I will still be making babies during this period and even be offering more affordable payment terms (I will be extending my layaway policy to include 6-12 mos layaway). I'm am also planning on doing a very special COVID-19 Cuddle Giveaway Baby to bring some extra joy and positivity during this terrible time too. 🎨

At the end of the day, we all need to come together, and stand united to see this pandemic cease its rapid and rampant spread. I've seen this likened to our era's "World War", one we will fight united together. May we all come together. Fight. Fight in the only way that we can, by staying home, staying safe, using precaution, checking on our loved ones, and elderly to ensure they have what they need to get through this time. And to love one another - now more than ever! Focus on gratitude. Using this time to connect more to what matters: ONE ANOTHER. And if you're someone in the medical profession on the front lines, THANK YOU! Thank you for your tireless service. 💕

Please reach out to tell me how you're coping. Are you working from home? Are you hunkered down? How many of you are struggling with the same big feelings and uncertainty. If you're okay or if you're not. I'd love to hear from all of you. 

My love & hugs to you all,


"We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do." -- Mother Teresa
(Today, more than ever this is so true! Smile, even when it's hard, even if you're scared, even in this uncertainty. Smile).